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Founded & Managed by retired Police Detectives, Maverick Private Consultants serves Montreal's multi-ethnic community.

[ Over 50 combined years of law enforcement
experience & surveillance ]


Our team is led by retired Police Officers from the SPVM (Montreal P.D.) who each boast over 25 years’ experience and are dedicated to helping people patch the pieces of their lives and families back together. Our team includes x-military service men, retired Sgt/Detectives, Youth Workers and devoted parents working together to help you find justice and peace.

We provide Consultations Services to corporations, private businesses, families, individuals and attorneys. Our professionally trained consultants process all cases thoroughly, making sure to leave no stone unturned, thus ensuring timely and effective results. We cater to a variety of needs, offer honest, reliable and trustworthy services at the best prices, guaranteed.


Maverick Private Consultants specializes in surveillance, CSST fraud, background checks, cheating spouses, child custody issues, sexual exploitation, tracking name brand knock-offs, employee time theft, internal business thefts, processing services and more. We cater to your private consultations needs while ensuring all information is kept strictly confidential.



A) Concerned parents hired us to assist them in getting their 17-year-old daughter away from the menacing grip of a man forcing her into prostitution. We brought their daughter back home to safety.


B) A private business owner hired us to consult them on what the best action to take in an alleged internal theft ring. We consulted the business owners in the proper methods to apprehend the individuals swiftly.


Being citizens and parents, we know how complicated and unfair life can sometimes be. Yet because we are certified and qualified in law and order, we are not helpless. And neither are you. Let us take care of your problem. We love that that’s our job. No matter what the task.



  • We believe in being honest about what services we can provide.

  • We offer affordable and personalized services.

  • We are professional, honest, ethical and reliable.

  • We provide our clients with daily reports.


If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


Join our T.E.A.M. and be a world changer!

Trust Maverick Private Consultants to guide you right in the right direction.


We are licensed by Quebec’s Bureau de la sécurité privée (Private Security Bureau).


Bureau de la sécurité privée
6363,Trans-Canada Highway West,
Suite 206
Saint-Laurent (Québec)

H4T 1Z9

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