Surveillance, High Security locks and GPS Tracking:


Maverick Private Investigators surveillance is comprised of licensed P.I. who help & advise clients on how to perform conventional and electronic surveillance and GPS tracking using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

High Security locks & Video Surveillance Systems

Maverick Private Investigation is also associated  with CSI Montreal  Locksmith who are bonded & certified locksmith (Abloy & Medeco high security locks) who custom design locks and security systems servicing homes and businesses. Moreover, their certified technicians work closely with our team.

Maverick Private Investigation is  also associated with Beltronic Inc. who utilize state-of-the-art alarms & security cameras, anti-intrusions systems with cutting edge database software for your home or office. Beltronics provide GPSs for your fleet & specializes in video surveillance installation.

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